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You need to have the assurance that any equipment or software that you purchase has the backup and support necessary for a reliable and robust system. Rest assured that we have you covered as far as this goes, and will be able to keep your systems optimized and functioning reliably. 

Repairs and maintenance are carried out on site within the GTA, while support is also available through phone and remote assist software. We carry a range of spares that typically need replacing from time to time. Most spares can be delivered with 1-2 weeks.

Routine maintenance is important to keeping your label printing systems functioning reliably.


We excel at repairs, maintenance, and trouble shooting. Not only is this support essential, but we take a holistic approach to systems and repairs by:


  • Installing the system and optimizing the hardware, software and label media for easy use

  • Assisting with label format and barcode requirements provided by your clients

  • Suggesting ways to automate your system

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