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We work with reputable label printer manufacturers to provide printing options that accommodate any budget, application, and scale of operation.



Toshiba is a Global Leader in Thermal Transfer Printers. They provide cost effective solutions that help to meet your label printing needs. One of the only Thermal transfer manufacturers to have an office in Canada, Toshiba provides local support and in stock product through their local dealer network.



CAB Printers and Print Applys are manufactured in Germany. CAB have been developing and manufacturing Label Printers, Print Apply systems and label dispensers now for over 40 years. Precision, accuracy and robust dependability define their range of products.

VIP Color


VIP Color have been manufacturing color inkjet label printers since 1998, producing inkjet color printers with the highest resolutions in today's industry. Their Printers not only print high quality durable labels, thye are also cost effective, easy to use and flexible enough to meet high mix production and small batch jobs. All print on demand.

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