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We work with multiple vendors to provide printing options that accommodate any budget & scale of operation.


Digitally printed labels are ideal for a number of applications, allowing you to produce specialized, short-run labels that don't compromise on quality. 

Eliminating the time and cost associated with producing plates, digitally printed labels provide your business with high levels of flexibility and significant production cost savings. It is an ideal option for:

- small-run jobs

- promotional labels

- prototypes

- products that have multiple SKUs

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Color label printers print labels in full colour and are typically inkjet or laser printable. There are various types of colour label printers on the market, each of which has its own distinct advantages.

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Thermal transfer printers use ribbons made of wax or resin-based ink that melt onto the label to create a long-lasting, high-quality image.

Thermal transfer printers typically use a black ribbon to create highly durable text data, barcode, and shipping labels. The most common thermal transfer applications include:


- product labeling and identification

- long term storage

- sample and file tracking

- inventory identification

- cold storage and freezers

- outdoor applications (nurseries, chemical drums, agriculture)


Flexographic printing is commonly used to print high volumes of labels and packaging. Presses can print on a variety of films, foils, papers, corrugated board, and paperboard.


This method involves plates which are charged once for the run–typically $100 per plate (most jobs are 5 plates). Once you have made this investment, the cost per printed label is lower once your volumes increase. Applications include:

- adhesive and shrink-sleeve labels (bottle wraps)

- ice cream cartons

- folding cartons

- shopping bags, plastic bags, pouches;

- gift wrap, tissue, envelopes


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